The gourmet cube

Enjoyment and technology united

The heart of our Gourmet Cubes is a fully automatic robot that, following the example of real chefs, prepares delicious, healthier dishes with fresh ingredients with the highest quality and care and serves them on-the-go. Around the clock and in less than three minutes – because enjoyment and convenience go hand in hand with us.

That makes us unique:

  • Your dish is prepared in front of your eyes: with fresh ingredients and according to your taste
  • All ingredients are carefully processed and portioned to the exact gram, thus reducing food waste to a minimum
  • You can adapt your pasta dish individually, and the diverse combination options also leave you plenty of room for your own creativity in the future
  • We serve you ready-to-eat dishes to take away, for up to three servings at the same time and without long waiting times
  • We ensure enjoyment around the clock, because our robot chef doesn’t need a break

What you see is what you get!

Our Gourmet Cube provides you with full transparency, be it with the ingredients used, which are freshly delivered as needed, with the pasta dough that is made directly when you order or the cooking process itself, which you can follow live on the cube.

We bring variety and taste

Together with regional and local chefs, we have developed dishes that make the heart of every pasta lover beat faster. But that’s not all. The technology of our robot makes it possible to refine practically every dish individually. Later you will also be able to save your own creation or your favorite dish or share it with your friends.

Thanks to our gourmet cube , enjoyable, delicious food and robot automation are no longer in contradiction to one another. This is the future of nutrition and the future of gastronomy!