We want to help shape the future in nutrition!

Our values


Not only have we developed one of the first autonomous food robots in the world, we are also facing the challenge of further developing robotic kitchens and combining technology and taste.


We share a passion for good food and want to offer real comfort food. We create our dishes in collaboration with local chefs. The highest quality and fresh ingredients come first – just like the individual needs of our customers!


We want to revolutionize system catering and help shape future nutrition with robots. Aligned to current consumer trends and nutritional needs, we deliver authentic, good food, freshly prepared around the clock.


Our team unites creative minds, technical know-how, talented IT experts and real gourmets. We work together on high-tech solutions for efficient and economical catering concepts.

Our mission

We are revolutionizing system catering by using autonomous food robots. We offer high-quality and delicious dishes in gourmet quality for takeaway consumption.

What is important to us

Sustainability is important to us. That is why we pay attention to high quality and sustainable cultivation when selecting the ingredients, as well as to healthier recipes and the use of less meat when creating our menus. In this way we enable our customers to eat consciously.

Thanks to the robot-assisted portioning of our ingredients that are accurate to the gram, we can also reduce waste to a minimum. Our gourmet cubes are stocked with fresh ingredients every day and exactly in the amount that is needed. And if there are still a few ingredients left at the end of the day, our Gourmet Cube can automatically only select the dishes that can be prepared with the remaining ingredients.

When choosing our packaging, we also attach great importance to resource-saving materials. Therefore we only use 100% recyclable, compostable organic snack bowls.

An open dialogue with our partners, employees and customers is important to us. Because in this way we can not only make our contribution to shaping and improving future nutrition, we can also ensure that technologies such as robot automation become part of our everyday lives and help us to live more consciously, more sustainably and better.

Our promise

Reduction of food waste through exact portioning of the ingredients.

Sustainable packaging material: unprinted and recyclable.

Natural, fresh ingredients. Also organic or vegan.