The team

Who we are

The DaVinci Kitchen GmbH team combines creative minds, technical know-how and a love of good food. We are IT nerds, mechanical engineers, industrial designers, mechatronics and marketing experts – but above all we are foodies!


“Since DaVinci Kitchen started in Leipzig at the beginning of 2019, automation and human creativity have gone hand in hand for us. The real center of our Gourmet Cube is to simplify and standardize automatable processes in gastronomy with the help of robotics so that creative master chefs can live out their true talent: the development of interesting culinary new creations and the optimization of existing top dishes for taste and sustainability. With this trained knowledge, the Gourmet Cube conjures up fresh and always tasty dishes from ingredients accurate to the gram – and that 1000 times over with the same high quality. “

The team

Managing Director

Samina Husain



Vick Manuel



Ibrahim Elfaramawy


Fabian Freihube

ROS and Back-end Development

Amin Noura

Front-end Development

Richard Otto

Back-end Development

Paul Posse

Kitchen Management

Alexander Stetter

Design and Prototyping

Robin Godwyll

Design and Mechanics